Visit Philippines – Captivating Capiz

Easy and peaceful. That’s the way the provincial government describes what existence in Capiz is about on its website. For travelers searching for any spot to unwind and relax, this province within the Western Visayas region is essential-go destination.

Covering a place of two,594.64 square kilometers, Capiz is subdivided into 16 municipalities along with a city – Roxas. The province remains one of the leading holiday destinations in southern Philippines, because of its natural charm highlighted with a labyrinth of moving hillsides, pristine beaches, unspoiled beaches, and isolated coves.

Capiz is another magnet for sea food enthusiasts. Dubbed because the “Sea food Capital from the Philippines,” the province provides visitors with many dishes produced from its wealthy marine sources. Delectable delicacies can be found everywhere from the simple restaurant to posh resorts and hotels.

With all of these amazing attractions within the province, it’s no question, then, that Capiz is probably the suggested tourist stops in many Philippine travel guides. This is a sampling from the scenic spots to go to within the province.

Agtalin Shrine

Get astonished by a huge statue from the Virgin Mary in the Agtalin Shrine. Found in the town of Pilar, the religious icon is the tallest in the united states at 80 ft tall. The Worldwide Marian Research Institute listed the Agtalin Shrine like a premier pilgrimage site. It’s thought that some faithful with incurable illnesses were healed by praying in the shrine.

Baybay Beach

Baybay Beach is Capiz’s form of elegant Boracay beaches. This grey-sand beach is really a favorite weekend getaway of local residents and vacationers alike within the province. Aside as a popular swimming site, Baybay Beach is another haven for food enthusiasts. Various stalls selling unbelievably cheap grilled fish, squids, prawns, along with other marine produce is situated near the shore.

Pilar Cave

Another must-see attraction in Capiz is Pilar Cave. This natural question is thought to be a funeral site of local folks prior to the Spanish overcome the Philippines in 1521. Ancient containers along with other artifacts have been located within the cave. Capiz has four popular caves like the Suhoton Gives up Jamindan, Quipot Collapse Mambusao, Igang Collapse Maayon, and Suhot Collapse Dumalag.

Tucad Reef

Tucad Reef is really a submarine islet of seashells and corals capped with layers of sand. Located some ten kilometers from Pilar, this natural marvel could be arrived at via a pump boat ride or when walking during low tide. From the shallow and obvious water, visitors can easily see a patchwork of shells and corals in a variety of colors for example blue, eco-friendly, red, and pink.

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