Tips On How To Organize Shoes And Keep Them In A Practical Way

It is essential to have a cleaning routine and a well-planned organization to store your shoes daily. To begin with, it is necessary to choose a suitable place for the shoes – they can be on shelves in the wardrobe, on specific supports, plastic shoe box (กล่อง รองเท้า พลาสติก which is the term in Thai) and even in homemade organizers. Just choose the option that best suits you to put everything in order.

  1. How To Organize Shoes In The Wardrobe

If you want to keep your shoes inside the closet, the best tip is to separate niches or lower shelves exclusively for these items. Keep the place always clean – you can use a flannel with a mobile polish, for example – and remove your shoes to clean them, preferably every 15 days.

To optimize space in your wardrobe, the idea is to use shoe organizer hives. They are usually made of cloth or plastic and can store shoes very practically. You can join flip flops and sandals, for example, and place each pair within a space in the hive. That way, shoes take up much less space, and you can keep shelves looking tidier.

  1. Ideas For Storing Shoes Vertically

Did you know that you can organize your shoes vertically, using specific supports? The shoe organizer, in particular, is usually compact, consisting of 2 or 3 shelves that can store a good number of shoes. It can be positioned in some strategic corner of the room or even at the house entrance.

Another interesting option is the shoe organizer for the door, which is perfect for those who don’t have much space and want to keep their shoes adequately stored and separated. This shoe rack is usually made of cloth and hangs on the door, so the shoes are more visible and easier to use or clean daily.

  1. How To Make A Shoe Organizer At Home

Have you ever thought you could make a shoe organizer by reusing plastics and other objects at home? A good tip, for example, is to use pet bottles. So, in addition to arranging your items more creatively, you can be more sustainable.

In this case, start by washing the bottles well and removing the labels and glues. Cut off the top mouth of each bottle, then separate each bottle to store one pair of shoes at a time. Bottles can be easily stored inside the wardrobe on the lower shelves, which also helps to optimize space. Pretty simple, right?

  1. Know How To Organize Shoes In Cardboard Or Fair Boxes

Knowing how to organize shoes in cardboard or fair boxes is another interesting trick to keep the environment in order. Ideally, think of a suitable location – such as the corner of the bedroom, closet, or even a laundry area. Keep the organizer boxes always clean using a dry cloth when cleaning. The ideal is to carry out this cleaning at least every 2 weeks and do the same with your shoes not to accumulate dust.

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