Are online casino games rigged?

Millions of people have logged on to online casinos to play their favorite casino games from the comfort of their houses in recent years. Online casino games often raise questions as to whether they’re rigged or fair since real money is at stake. 

Random number generators 

The backbone of any online casino is the Random Number Generator. RNGs are complex algorithms that spit out long strings of random numbers constantly. These randomly generated numbers determine the outcome of the game. Each result – whether it’s the spin of a slot machine or the deal of a blackjack hand – is dependent on the number produced by the RNG at that exact moment in time. Importantly, RNGs have no memory. No one knows nor is programmed to predict what the next series of numbers would be. There is no correlation between the results. It is critical to ensuring game randomness. If the RNG produced dependent or predictable numbers, the games could more easily be manipulated.

Game testing

Reputable online casinos take steps to ensure their RNG technology is impartial. A common practice is to have the RNG algorithms and game software certified by an independent testing lab. These labs simulate millions of rounds of play to audit the technology and confirm the randomness of the results over an extended period.

Labs also assess factors like the expected payback percentages to players. These percentages reflect the programmed odds and ensure the house advantage is within industry standards for a particular game. Reports from the testing processes are typically available on the casino website to provide transparency. Furthermore, encryption technology is used to protect the data feed between the player’s device and the online casino servers that house the RNGs and game software. Messages transmitted via the internet are encoded, meaning that they cannot be read or tampered with in transit. Encryption assures players that the game results sent from the servers accurately reflect the random outputs on the back end. To get more information, check out here

Live dealer games

While technical measures like RNG testing assure fairness in standard online casino games, live dealer games take it a step further. With live dealers, real table games can be viewed instantly from a studio location. Players view a live video feed of actual human dealers managing the game action with real physical equipment. The cards, wheels, and dice are thus completely random and not generated by computer software. Gameplay is still managed remotely through the player’s device and online display. But the ability to observe real people and hardware adds an extra layer of transparency. Having both randomization technology and live visual elements mitigates the risk of any potential interference with game outcomes.

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