Call Of Duty: Warzone – 6 Top Warzone Weapons Tier List

An Exceptional game called Call Of Duty: Warzone is becoming viral because of its adventures gameplay. As it is a free-to-play game, so many gamers love the concept of surviving in two different modes. Gameplay of this game is all about landing on the ground of the map and then pick up different weapons in order to play defensive as well as offensive. Even if you are choosing the warzone cheats, then you are able to locate other players on the map along with unmatched accuracy and also boost up chances of getting the victory.

Warzone weapon tier list

When you are playing the game, then you must know about the fantastic warzone weapons that are becoming useful in the game for making everything possible, so get ready to choose the best. You will find most of the primary weapons from both modern warfare and the cold war. Here are some significant aspects regarding the excellent weapons tier list –

  1. S Tier – This amazing tier includes CR-56 AMAX, AUG, FFAR 1, Grau 5.56, Kar98k, LW3 – Tundra, Mac-10, PKM.
  2. A Tier – In the A Tier section, you will find guns like AN-94, AS VAL, AUG, Bruen MK9, LC10, M13, M16, M4A1, MP5, and many other options.
  3. B Tier – Another option that includes the B Tier that weapons include AK-74, Crossbow, FAL, Finn, PP19 Bizon, Type 63, XM4.
  4. C Tier – AK-47 (both versions), AX-50, RPD, FN Scar 17, Krig 6, Milano 821and Fennec.
  5. D Tier – In this section, you will find the weapons like FARA 83, SKS, Holger-26, MG34, P90, Pellington 703, QBZ-83, and the Groza.
  6. E Tier – last but not the least is the E Tier that has so many guns like Rytec AMR, SA87, Striker 45, and many other options.

We have mentioned some great weapons according to the tier that is used in the game called COD warzone. Therefore, you should focus on each and everything that is most important. By using various weapons, you are able to save yourself easily without any trouble.

Have you ever tried Kar98K?

If you like to do sniping, then you definitely try to use the Kar98k that is best for people who like to do camping at the apex of the top building in the Warzone game. It will give you better long-range with better bullet velocity that may easily give you a chance to eliminate enemies quickly with just one shot. Not only this, you can give a perfect lightning-quick ADS time and also perfectly shot. A standard headshot an easily eliminate the target from long distance quickly, without any trouble, which you should check out always.

LW3 – Tundra

As areas using the LW3, you are able to choose the most fantastic option for people. This would be the best long-range gun that you should use for a better sniper with the fastest bullet velocity, and if you want to, though, so for the perfect weapon to kill the enemies and win combats.

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